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Video Karaoke Baby It's Cold Outside - Glee

Este tema es una versión de Baby It's Cold Outside, que popularizó Glee

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Acerca de

Mismo tempo que el original: 111 BPM

Tonalidad idéntica al original: La♭

Duración: 02:48 - Escuchar en: 01:26

Fecha de publicación: 2010
Géneros: Villancicos, Bandas sonoras de cine y televisión, En inglés
Compositor original: Frank Loesser

Todos los archivos disponibles para descargar son pistas reproducidas, no es la música original.

Letra Baby It's Cold Outside

I really can't stay
But baby it's cold outside
I've got to go away but baby it's cold outside
This evening has been
Was hoping that you'd drop in so very nice
I'll hold your hands there just like ice
My mother will start to worry
Beautiful what's your hurry
My father will be pacing the floor listen to the fire place roar
So really I better
Beautiful please scurry don't hurry
But maybe just half a drink more
Put some records on while I pour
The neighbors might think
Baby it's bad out there say what's in this drink no cabs to be had out there
I wish I knew how
Your eyes are like starlight now to break this spell
I'll take your hat your hair looks swell
I ought to say no no no sir
Mind if
I move in closer
At least I'm gonna say that I tried
What's the sense of hurting my pride
I really can't stay
Baby don't hold out oh but it's cold outside oh but it's cold outside
I simply must go
But baby it's cold outside the answer is no
But baby it's cold outside
This welcome has been
How lucky that you dropped in so nice and warm
Look out the window at that storm
My sister will be suspicious
Gosh your lips look delicious
My brother will be there at the door
Waves upon a tropical shore
My maiden aunt's mind is vicious
Ooh your lips are delicious
But maybe just a cigarette more
Never such a blizzard before
I've got to get home
But baby you'll freeze out there say lend me a coat
It's up to your knees out there
It's really been grand
I'm thrilled when you touch my hand but don't you see
How can you do this thing to me
There's bound to be talk tomorrow
Think of my lifelong sorrow
At least there will be plenty implied
If you've got pneumonia and die
I really can't stay
Get over that hold out
Ooh baby it's cold outside
Oh but it's cold outside

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