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Video Karaoke Bend and Snap - Una rubia muy legal

Este tema es una versión de Bend and Snap, que popularizó Una rubia muy legal

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Acerca de

Con coros (con o sin voces en la versión KFN)

Tempo: variable (alrededor de 125 BPM)

Tonalidad idéntica al original: LA

Duración: 03:19 - Escuchar en: 02:23

Fecha de publicación: 2007
Géneros: Comedia musical, Bandas sonoras de cine y televisión, En inglés
Compositor original: Laurence Crawford O'Keefe, Nell Dunbar Benjamin

Todos los archivos disponibles para descargar son pistas reproducidas, no es la música original.

Letra Bend and Snap

Look at my ass look at my thighs
I'm catnip to the guys they chase my tail they drool and pant
Wanna touch this but they can't
All the boys want to come and play
Snap my fingers and they obey
Why do they follow me around all day watch me while I walk away
I bend and snap feel how hot it's getting
Bend and snap then when you got 'em sweatin'
Spring the trap they cheer and clap
No tight end can defend against the bend and snap
Oh that's easy for you to say
And you girl if you want to make the team then fake some self esteem
The more you jump around and scream the sexier you seem
Sorry girls that ain't how I play this wouldn't work if I tried all day
I gotta go get my asthma spray watch me while I walk away
No wait before you walk away
Look how good you're gettin'
I bet right now you sweatin'
It's not the time to overthink just try it once he'll buy you a drink
Excuse me would you teach me that
I am tired of living alone with my cat sure
Nowadays I do dye jobs and curls
But here's how we did it in the Laker Girls
Come on Paulette
You'll be just fine
Look do it and we'll go away
Okay okay okay okay
Hey wait a second when I beckoned
Look how the guys came runnin' like I'm finger
Kickin' lickin' wicked stunnin' like I'm frickin'
Will you pay for stuff I buy and bake me cake and pie
Yes yes yes why lock away
And hold me when I cry
And will tell you why
I'm too rockin' to lock away all the boys come to gawk away gawk away block away
Droppin' jaws from a block away watchin' how I walk away
You love to watch her walk away
I bend and snap now look how hot it's gettin'
Bend and snap
Bend and snap
I bet right now you're sweatin'
I depend on my friend
I depend on my friend
Go Paulette go Paulette
Go go go Paulette
I depend on my friend called the bend and snap
Bend bend bend and snap
Bend and snap bend and snap
I'm gonna bend yeah am I hee didn't snap bend and snap bend and snap
Bend and snap bend and snap
I'm gonna step aside
I'm gonna get me some Kyle bend and snap bend
Paulette did I leave my stylus
Oh crap

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