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Video Karaoke Bad Boys For Life - P. Diddy

Este tema es una versión de Bad Boys For Life, que popularizó P. Diddy

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Acerca de

Con coros (con o sin voces en la versión KFN)

Mismo tempo que el original: 90 BPM

Tonalidad idéntica al original: G♭ó

Duración: 04:11 - Escuchar en: 01:03

Fecha de publicación: 2002
Géneros: Rap & Hip-Hop, R&B, En inglés
Compositor original: Mark Keith Curry, Jamel Naquaan Fisher, Drayton Goss, Robert Ross, Dorsey Wesley

Todos los archivos disponibles para descargar son pistas reproducidas, no es la música original.

Letra Bad Boys For Life

I'm the definition of half man half drugs
Ask the clubs
Bad Boy that's whassup
After bucks crush cruise after us
No gaze we ain't laughin' much
Nothin' but big thangs check the hit list
How we twist shit what change but the name
We still here you rockin' wit' the best
Don't worry if I write rhymes
I write checks
Who's the boss Dudes is lost don't think 'cos I'm iced out I'm 'a cool off
Who else but me and if you don't feel me
That mean you can't touch me it's ugly trust me
Get it right dawg we ain't ever left
We just moved in silence and rep to the death
It's official I survived what I been through
Y'all got drama the saga continues
Ay yo straight from the Harlem streets
I don't play I push it down wit' the Harlem Heat
All a sudden niggas got a problem wit' me
They run around actin' like the black dog can't eat
And you know what for some strange reason
I'm off this medication feelin' deranged needin'
For y'all to put the word out we ain't leavin'
We tryin' to be rich before we all stop breathin'
Therefore we kinda hustle lanes
Stay layin' down on muscle games
Still turn niggas' dreams to flames
You got the wire if not I ain't
Sayin' no names you'll soon expire
No pain
I feel remorse this stuff
Causes me and Diddy up first racin' Porsches wit'
The big twin valve exhausters on the cover of ya Vibe double X L's or Source's bitch
Uh uh yeah, yeah, yo, yeah
It ain't shit changed since the Notorious
See everything's still glorious
We still got warriors still be the victorious
See it's a lot of them but it's more of us
Still got cash to blow raps that flow
Still them cats that know pack ya flow
That's fo' sure bottles that pop
Joints that rock play the background
Hand 'em a jock hold 'em a gloc
Money to get cars to flip
Bars to sit at and sip
Cognac wit' Jews that drip
Hoes to see makin' sure they knowin' it's me
Drop that beat can't believe that I MC
Bad Boy 'til the casket drop
Gotta love it place nothin' above it
It's on like that don't believe we ain't goin' like that
For always gonna be here be there every motherfuckin' year

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