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Video Karaoke High School - Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne

Este tema es una versión de High School, que popularizó Nicki Minaj

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Acerca de

Con coros (con o sin voces en la versión KFN)

Mismo tempo que el original: 88 BPM

Tonalidad idéntica al original: MI

Duración: 03:41 - Escuchar en: 01:13


Fecha de publicación: 2013
Géneros: Rap & Hip-Hop, R&B, En inglés
Compositor original: Lil Wayne, Tyler Mathew Carl Williams, Boi-1da, Nicki Minaj

Todos los archivos disponibles para descargar son pistas reproducidas, no es la música original.

Letra High School

He said he came from Jamaica he owned a couple acres
A couple fake visas 'cos he never got his papers
Gave up on love fucking with them heart breakers
But he was gettin' money with the movers and the shakers
He was mixed with a couple things ball like a couple rings
Bricks in the condo and grams to Sing Sing
Left arm baby mother tatted five year bid up
North on they ratted anyway I felt him helped him
Put him on lock seat belt him took him out to Belgium
Welcome bitches this pretty that's seldom
This box better than the box he was held in
I'm momma Dee in that order
I call him daddy like daughters
He like it when I get drunk but
I like it when he be sober that's
Top of the toppa I never fuck with beginners I let him play
With my pussy then lick it off of his fingers I'm in the zone
They holler at me but it's you you this ain't high school
Me and my crew we can slide through
Give it to you whenever you want
Put it wherever you want baby it's yours
Anywhere everywhere baby it's your world ain't it
All right
Baby it's your world ain't it
Hu, she got a nigga at home and one on the side
Best friend is a dike they fucked around a few times
Her and her momma alike so all they do is fight
I tell her make me some money she tell me make me a wife
I tell her bitch you crazy fuck wrong with you
And excuse my French but
I'm a long kisser
And then she try to tell me
I'm the only one that's hittin'
And I say what about them niggas
She say what about them niggas
You right what you doing tonight
Put on something tight don't judge me I get life
She love me like a brother but fuck me like a husband
Pussy like a oven too hot to put my tongue in
All I had to do is rub it the genie out the bottle
Pussy so wet
I'mma need goggles
She tell me that's it's mine
I tell her stop lying
Mine and who else she say worry 'bout yourself Lil Tune
They holler at me but it's you
You this ain't high school
Me and my crew we can slide through
Give it to you whenever you want
Put it wherever you want baby it's yours
Anywhere everywhere baby it's your world ain't it
Baby it's your world ain't it
I know you want it boy
I see you tryin'
Just keep on pushin'
I'm a let you slide in
Just close your eyes and this horizon
It's ready come get you some yeah yeah yeah yeah

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